7 Rules For Life

The 7 Rules For Life:

  1. Make peace with your past. (So that it doesn’t disturb you present.)
  2. Don’t care about what others think of you. (It’s none of your business, and it shouldn’t matter.)
  3. Give it time. (Time heals almost everything.)
  4. You decide. (No one is in charge of your happiness except for you.)
  5. Don’t compare your life to others. (And don’t judge them.)
  6. Stop over thinking. (It’s okay to not know the answers.)
  7. Let loose. (You don’t own every problem/responsibility in the world.)

Follow these rules to life the fullest and happiest life possible.


S T O P ~ how to deal with anger/anxiety/depression.

Follow these steps when you:
* Have and anxiety attack
* Get angry/upset
* Have a fight with anyone

S ~ Stop, physically stop, step back and take a breath. If someone or something is making you stressed, anxious, sad, or upset, etc. in any way just walk away.

T ~ Take a breath/break. If you aren’t feeling okay or if you van’t deal with something or someone just take a break from them/it and revisit the topic when you are feel more comfortable.

O ~ Observe, pay attention to any clues that your body gives you. Look at the way that other people are acting. If you are feeling uncomfortable of unsafe then get to a safe place or be with someone that makes you feel safe.

P ~ Proceed with purpose, what do YOU need. Is it rest? Is it a bath? Is it to be around friends or family? And what is manageable to your circumstances. And once you have done whatever you need to feel safe and happy, confront the situation and locate what the problem is.

* Just don’t worry about anything until you feel safe and happy worrying about work, homework, friends, of family will just make the situation worse so put everything aside and focus on yourself.

Dear future child.

Dear future Child,            11-17-18

Hi, I guess that I don’t exactly know what to say. I intend to keep this document until you are born, but things happen and I might lose it somehow. I really hope that that doesn’t happen though. I don’t know you yet, don’t know what you look like, don’t know how you act, I don’t even know your gender. But somehow I already love you, because you’re part of me, and because a mother and child relationship is unlike any other because no matter what happens we are always tied together, stuck like glue. And I swear on my life that I will always protect you, and as long as I am alive I will never leave you.


-14-year-old Mom

Anger and how to handle it.

We all get angry, some more than others, but it happens to all of us. Some of us just know how to hide it from others. I would say that I can hide my anger from some people, probably 75% of people in my life think that I’m pretty much always happy. And that other 25% are people that can truly see me and who I am.

The truth is, I am so angry at so many people right now. I just know how to hide it, I wish that I didn’t hide it. Sometimes I wonder if I would be happier and less stressed out if I just told someone when I was angry at them. I’ve been in so many unhealthy friendships and sometimes I just wonder what would have happened if I just told them how I was feeling. (Go read my blog on toxic friendships.)

I do a silly little thing when I’m angry or sad, I Draw a little star on a small piece of paper and put it in a jar. For others, it could be different but in my case, you notice that your not upset that much and once the jar is full you can see how much time you wasted being mad and sad when there’s usually an easy way to be happy right in front of you. For some, it could take years to fill the jar and others a month. But either way, I recommend trying it.

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Mental illnesses

By no means am I an expert on mental illnesses, so please if you need professional help talk to someone who has schooling on this type of stuff. That being said if you just want to talk to an anonymous friend I’m always here. Now with that out of the way, I’d really like to get into my experiences with mental problems, such as depression and anxiety.

I’ve noticed that parents always wonder why their children have mental illnesses, in my case, it was mainly their fault. This is usually not the case but in my situation it was, but this does not mean that you can blame everything on your parents. I am still a teenager so, I understand how tempting that can be. I wrote something almost a year ago that I happen to still have and I want to share how I was feeling then, and how its gotten much better.

“Parents wonder why their kids have mental illnesses, but it’s them. Its my family, the friends that I don’t have, The society is broken, not me! I just want to get away from this life, be done with it.”

I wrote that so long ago and all that I wanted was to move out, now don’t get me wrong some of those feelings are still true. I still can’t wait to move out but it’s not nearly as urgent. So many of those feelings are gone, I have incredible friends that I would do anything for. So even though it sucks, my only advice is to wait it out and talk to someone. (A friend, an adult, a professional, or even me.) The only reason that I made a blog is to help people so if you need help, please talk to someone.

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Toxic Friendships.

Most of the time you’ll know when you’re in a toxic relationship. What we usually don’t know is how to deal with the person on the other side. I know this because I’ve had one of these toxic friends(let’s call her S) for over 9 years. It wasn’t always bad though we met in kindergarten and for years S was such a good friend to me. To be honest I’m not sure when it started to become toxic. I’m not even sure when I noticed how pernicious it was, all I know is that I’ve known for a while.

When I first realized that S was treating me wrong, I didn’t want to believe it. But over the years I’ve opened my eyes. And we fight so often, I think that the main reason that we’ve grown further apart is because of this other girl. (Let’s call her M.) M only came into her life a few years ago, and since then things have only gotten worse for me and S. Shes trading off between us and all of a sudden texting me that she doesn’t want to be my friend anymore. And then acting like nothing ever happened a couple weeks later and shutting her out. But it always comes back to me. When I’m friends with her all I want is to just get away from her. But then when she “breaks up” with me, all I want is for her to text me and to be friend with her again.

M texts me constantly just to tell me that S doesn’t even care about me. I just want both of them out of my life right now. But S and I go to the same school, we have classes together, I’m even doing a project with her. So I guess that I don’t know how to just get rid of her. We are going to different schools next year, but I don’t want to wait that long. I just keep getting hurt, but I am a coward and until shes, fully out of my life I can’t tell her.

But please don’t be like me, get out of any toxic or pernicious relationships now! And if you need any help with anything please contact me.

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